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Dry Eye Treatment at The Eye Doctors inTampa and New Port Richey, FL

Causes and Complications of Dry Eyes

Chronically dry eyes can be annoying and uncomfortable. If left untreated, inadequate tear film can lead to permanent damage to your corneas, potentially robbing you of some of your sight. Dry eye syndrome is becoming all too common in a world dominated by air conditioning, computer monitors and other modern conveniences. Fortunately, you don't have to live with dry eyes. The Eye Doctors specialize in treating and diagnosing Dry Eye Syndrome.

The film of tears on the front of your eyes is more complex than one might think. It consists of three layers. First, a layer of mucin helps to hold and spread the tear film across the eye surface. Second is a layer of water that cleanses and aids in focusing. Lastly, a lipid (oil) layer seals in moisture so it doesn't simply evaporate. These three elements must be produced by the tear ducts in the right proportions, otherwise your tears may be too thick or too thin. Tears without enough oil may dry out too quickly.

Hormonal disorders can affect your tear production and composition, as can certain medications, tear duct damage, the aging process, or conditions such as Sjogren's disease. Bell's palsy, stroke, and other neurological problems that affect your ability to blink can also cause dry eyes, since the tear ducts are activated by blinking.

Computer usage is proven to result in insufficient blinking. People who stare for hours at their computer monitors often suffer from dry, irritated eyes (as well as other symptoms of computer eye syndrome). Last but not least, constant airflow from ceiling fans or powerful air conditioners can encourage your tears to dry out faster than the tear ducts can replenish them.

Dry Eye Treatment at The Eye Doctors in Tampa & New Port Richey

Our skilled team at The Eye Doctors can help you understand the cause of your dry eyes and prescribe the proper treatments to relieve the problem. We will ask you about your work and lifestyle habits while also looking at your medical history to see if you have any underlying conditions that might account for (or aggravate) your eye dryness, and if any of your regular medications might be behind the problem. Your tear film and tear production will also be analyzed.

Depending on the results of our findings, we may recommend one of the numerous treatments for your dry eyes. The answer might be as simple as taking more frequent breaks away from the computer. Underlying medical problems will need to be resolved by the appropriate practitioner, and we can advise you as to what kind of specialist you need to consult. More serious cases of dry eyes may require prescription eye drops or procedures such as Blephex of Lipiflow to provide more permanent relief. Our Doctors are committed to excellence and can recommend the right treatment for your specific needs. Contact The Eye Doctors today for an appointment! 813-632-2020