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Pediatric Eye Exams In New Tampa and New Port Richey, FL

Bringing your child to an eye doctor in New Tampa or New Port Richey, Florida is an essential part of protecting their vision. A pediatric eye exam is an appointment every parent needs to make for their child. No matter the age, our Optometrists can identify problems with a child's eyes and provide appropriate treatments based on the situation and the underlying complications. For children, an eye exam differs from an adult exam due to their age, and complications associated with a young age. At our clinics, we offer eye exams to children at different ages to help improve their vision or improve their method of understanding the information they see. Studies show that children learn to read until the 3rd grade, at which point they read to learn. We believe that all children deserve to see the world the best that they can.

Early Exams and Treatment

The key to optimal eye health at a young age is an annual eye health and vision exam to identify and address potential complications. Generally, children need an initial exam during their toddler years, before entering school to ensure they have the ability to see objects at different distances and to teach them to understand or focus on specific objects when necessary.

Appropriate timing for an initial exam depends on the needs of the child. As a general rule, parents should work with a doctor when children squint, complain of headaches or show signs of difficulty seeing or recognizing objects at certain distances.

Consistency in Maintaining Vision

After an initial exam, parents should bring a child to an optometrist at least once per year. Annual visits allow us to identify changes to a child's eyes and to keep up with their needs as they grow. The eyes of children change and develop over time.

Due to changes in hormonal levels and physical growth, an annual exam allows a doctor at our clinic to keep up with the needs of the child. Our Doctors notice sudden changes to vision and identify potential visual health concerns. Depending on the results of an exam, we make suggestions for treatment and care. 

What to Expect at Our Clinic

Pediatric exams at our clinics focus on the specific age group of a child and the possible problems associated with eye health at their current age. For example, a young child might look at pictures of animals or shapes instead of letters when identifying their ability to focus or see at certain distances. We will ask the parents questions related to the child's health that may contribute to visual changes. For example, we ask for a basic medical history or ask if a child has certain medical conditions like diabetes.

When necessary, we may suggest more complex diagnostic tests. For example, we may use eye drops to look into a child's eyes if he or she shows signs of excessive pressure or damages from a medical condition.

The health of a child takes many different forms and parents must work with appropriate professionals to address complications or problems. At our clinic, we offer pediatric treatments and exams to protect a child's eyes. To learn more or to set up an appointment, contact us today.